Monday, March 31, 2014


This week's challenge is books.  We are leaving it wide open with no rules so we can interpret it however we like.
We are still allowing Keith to post even though he destroyed us in last weeks competition.






Architecture results - Keith's bridge 56%

40 votes total
First picture of Keith's bridge 28 votes
Second picture of Sharon's "I see you" 8 votes
Third picture of Kim's fence 12 votes

Monday, March 24, 2014


We have added Keith to our contests now too.  He is trying to learn as much as he can about his camera and photography too. As always any feedback is really appreciated!  We won't know why you like or don't like if you don't tell us.
You will never hurt our feeling by posting a negative comment about our pictures, just please tell us how you would have preferred it so its constructive criticism so we can learn how to improve.
 We are also going to TRY and do this weekly with a  new post every Sunday.

This week's challenge was architecture. 
We will reveal who took the pictures after the votes are all in and before we post the next contest.

Picture 1 - bridge

Picture 2 - I see you

Picture 3 - fence

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fall tree and leaf results - First picture of Kim's tree 81%

12 votes total
First picture of Kim's tree 22 votes
Second picture of Sharon's tree 5 votes