Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Sorry this is late, we were waiting on someone who shall remain nameless...KEITH!!  There are two to choose from this week.

Birds are just so cute and there are so many possibilities with this theme.
Some of us may or may not have been pooped on during the making of this weeks blog post.
We hope you enjoy our feathered friends.


The Haunting


  1. Number one was okay just not enough detail. I mean like I liked it, just not detailed enough. Number two was amazing it had the detail I wanted and looked interesting.

  2. They were both good and it was hard to chose. Number 1 was awesome in real life.
    Number 2 was very detailed and realistic.

  3. I liked picture one because of all the birds flying around. The second one was a little boring because the bird wasn't doing anything, just sitting around.

  4. Picture one was really cool, but only showed dots in the sky. It wasn't really interesting. Picture two was actually really super awesome and it showed a crow and it looked high def and had a lot of detail in it.