Monday, September 15, 2014


This week we have chosen lines as the theme. As always we can interpret this in our own way, there are no rules.

I walk the line
Movin' on up or down the Line
The tree line


  1. Well, I'm glad to see you have finally gotten a little more creative with your pics, so I will honour you with my "candid" and, of course, expert opinion. OK, so much for the bull shit.
    #1 Very nice, good use of lense for unusual view
    #2 Another unique view, nice photoshop
    #3 No special effects, cool lense, or creative photoshop, just trees
    HOWEVER, I really like the trees.....nice job.

  2. #1 is my favorite picture because i have a bias for fish eye lens and i like the filter on it.
    however, i think #3 is the best picture for the theme "lines" and is also good...but i still like #1 better lol
    #2 is alright..... not big on the reflected thing....just confusing looking, like an optical allusion..

  3. Glad to be pushed back into voting, have missed being here after a short break .... always look forward to seeing the pics, tough decision for me as always, i was instantly drawn to
    #1 as it would be somewhere i would like to be - spend time and also like the fish eye effect,
    but loved #2 for the sheer bizzarness of the picture.
    Sorry # 3 didnt do much for me at all, but still a great picture.