Monday, April 28, 2014


 Sorry, no fire this week either.
This weeks theme is transportation, we can interpret this in anyway we think fits the theme.

 Skater girl

Primary Colours on Track

Sky Train


  1. OK, here goes probably pissing off SOMEBODY. #1 does absolutely nothing for me, it's blah and dumb. #2 OK, it's a train. Like that's all I can say about it.
    #3 is REALLY cool, love it. Way to go! So there.....I'm sure somebody want to punch me in the mouth.

  2. I don't really like any of these.... I'm sorry..
    #1 is okay. It's the one I picked but it's not all too interesting to me..just doesn't have anything I can find really wrong with it.
    #2 is okay too but just looks like a regular picture I could take on a digital camera or a phone.
    #3 would have been my favorite if the people were out of it and if the smoke close to the top of the train wasn't there. It just makes it harder to see...

  3. I have to agree again with Kayla. My 1st thought was to vote for #3. Having a 2nd look this morning I first didnt see the people on the front, for me the picture would have had more impact without them, but I do like the steam this adds to the image, and what the days of steam were all about. I have voted for #2 as I like the thought of the alternative thinking of transportation.

  4. I thought #1 was amazing. I would have chosen #3 but, I didn't like the people on the train so I didn't pick it. #2 was okay I guess but, was kind of too far back (camera wise) and that's why I didn't pick it.

  5. The reason I picked number 1 was because it showed exactly what I thought would be cool in a picture. Picture 2 was ok but I didn't pick it because it didn't catch my eye. Picture 3 was amazing at first then I looked closely at it and didn't like the people in front of it. It took away from the picture.

  6. l liked number 3 because it had steam. I did not like the first one because it did not look cool. I did not like the second one because it was boring.

  7. the first picture looks very clear and colors look good;
    the second was clear maybe some focusing issues, and colors looked good;
    the third train was vivid but the steam and the people just didn't look right.

  8. I like three because it looks like a picture from a fantasy book.