Monday, April 21, 2014

Zoom blur

This week we are doing something kind of abstract.  Its a technique called zoom blur.  You zoom in or out while taking your picture and the shutter is open.  It gives a really cool effect and the outcome depends on whether you zoom in or out and how long you leave your shutter open.

I had planned on a really cool project this week, but was vetoed by Sharon.  I wanted to set steel wool on fire and spin it around and get a really cool light painting effect with lots of sparks.  She was afraid she would set her hair on fire and then be arrested for burning down her home town.  I thought mug shots would be a cool project for the following week if that happened. 

Here are our much safer, although not as exciting zoom blur pictures!

Light Speed!




  1. #1 - I understand what it is but don't particularly like it. It's just several different colored streaks in two different directions. Don't like it at all, sorry.
    #2 - Pretty flowers, but really just looks like a mess, sorry again.
    #3 - I like the concept and the outcome with the lights rays. My vote!

  2. I think "Peace" best reflects the concept of zoom blur as it feel both blurred and crisp at the same time. Mystical is my favorite because of the way the light streams through the tree and the varying depths of the branches. Light speed is very contemporary, but it seems that it wouldn't require the zoom blur technique to accomplish.

  3. I like the third one because it looks like rays of light. The first one is cool but I feel like I've seen that kind of picture alot.. and the flower just really doesn't interest me..
    I think that the steel wool and fire would of been a cool idea (as long as each one was different). But anyways, #3 is my favorite :)

  4. I am with Kayla on this one totally. Love the bright almost neon effect of pic 1, but there is something so eerie and as tittled mystical about #3. Takes me back to childhood and reading and imagining the enchanted forest. Great works once again all.

  5. I liked the 3rd one because I like the light
    the first one did not have enough light
    the second one did not look too good

  6. I think 3 looks like a mysterious forest.

  7. #1 Was too dark and gloomy looking
    #2 Was way too bright and looked (No offence) but horrible
    #3 Was perfect and amazing!!!
    Congrats to whoever wins and good luck to you all!! CONGRATS!!!!

  8. Number one was cool, but didn't really catch my attention.
    Number two I thought was really cool, but didn't really catch the theme. I didn't think the flowers were good enough.
    Number three I thought was really cool, because the light looked like it was shining between the trees.

  9. The first one looks like flares. The second one looks smudgy. The third one looks spooky.

  10. Hi had to pick # 3 Because it's COOL!