Monday, May 5, 2014


This week Sharon chose collections or groups of things as our theme. As you can see, she is still afraid of fire!!
Thanks for looking and voting!!

The Jewelry Riots of 2014


Road Trip



  1. Well, here goes putting my foot in my mouth again......
    #1 Good grief! Looks like one of my drawers. No interest, no special effects to make it more interesting. This one gets my NO.
    #2 Cool approach to straws, kinda like it. I think it would have been more interesting if the straws had been clear or white. But what do I know.
    #3 OK, made me laugh. Got my points for sense of humor.

  2. I picked #2 because I like the angle and the colors actually worked for me this time. It is a fun picture.
    #1 is cool but it kind of reminds me of a page in a "I, SPY" book so my focus is all over the place.
    #3.... I don't get it lol I see how it could be humorous but in a contest that focuses on interesting new pictures and methods I don't think it holds up...

  3. I liked all of these for different reasons - the first has almost an antiqu-ey look to it, the second is nice and bright, and the third makes me giggle. In the end, I picked #2 - love the splash of colour.
    - Erin

  4. I love the sense of humour in the last picture and the bright colours in the second one, it looks like something you could buy at Ikea. If I were going to hang one on my wall, I think I'd choose the first one as it draws the eye in with curves and straight lines and rich colours. The more you look, the more you see, just noticed the star is repeated.

  5. I liked the first one because it looked cool. I did not like the second one because it was too colorful. The third one looked boring.

  6. I like thirsty because the of colors and shadows and how they mix 3 looks unprofessional and weird I almost picked # 1 but I love my mommy!!!! Seriously I like # 1 because of the title and all that jewelry.... its messy like my room. I did eenie meenie miney mo to chose between them. .

  7. Pic one was ok but it wasn't something that popped out at me though. Pic two was my favorite because it was colorful and popped out. Pic three was very boring and didn't interest me.

  8. the first picture is clear and the way it is focused, very nice.
    the second has lots of color, nice shadow affect and good job focusing on the ends of the straws.
    the third picture would make a great add for Tim Hortons, very nice.


  9. #1: I thought is was amazing because it was bright and just I don't know what say - it was so amazing.
    #2: I thought that it was just a bit dark and it didn't interest me that much.
    #3: I thought that it didn't really look nice but, I did like all the cups. It just didn't really make sense to me that much but, good job.
    I really liked all of your pics. they were all nice good luck to
    whoever wins!!!

  10. Great offerings once again. Painful to say #1 was almost a little predictable, knowing 2 out of 3 are females. love #2 colourful, different. But for me, not really a collection, #3 well what can i say, not a collection one would be proud of owning, and top marks for owning up to having them!!! worth a vote or 2. :-}

  11. I love number 3. Ahahahahahahaha!!!