Monday, May 19, 2014


This week the theme is stairs.   Who knew there were that many different stairs around town? 
Hope you enjoy!!


Step into my dream

Are we there yet!!!


  1. #1 Wooden stairs, nothing special about the view, certainly not of the photo process ie lense, settings etc, just stairs. Not a photographer myself, but I think I would have made that shot very close to them and shot it looking along the rungs with the actual steps barely visible at the bottom.
    #2 OK, stairs with freaky colours. I'm not really into Andy Warhol nor Picasso. I don't really have a suggestion for this one, I'm still treating my nausea and inner ear issues on this one, think photog using LSD.
    #3 Lots of concrete stairs! I'm sure any skateboarders who view this photo are jumping up and down and yelling "yahoo". I am, however, not a skateboarder and the picture does absolutely nothing for me. Nothing.
    Well, here's my dilemma.....who to vote for!
    #1 and #3 look as if the photogs found stairs, took a pic and called it a big day.
    Though I don't like #3, I have given up my crummy vote for it because the photog at least put what the teacher calls "extra effort" into it.

  2. My vote went to #1, because I love the rustic and natural look. #2 is really not my style with the pink and orange. #3 would have been my second choice - I like the different levels of the staircase. - Erin

    My last comment had typo. It should have read "though I don't like #2". Sorry, I gave my vote to #2!

  4. Had to pick number 3 because its Ottawa!

  5. I went with #1 because it's so sharp and in focus and I like that the photograper chose an unusual angle to take the picture.

  6. So I guess walking ten miles uphill, both ways!! That's not effort?