Monday, May 12, 2014

Dilapidated house

This week we chose dilapidated, old, run down houses.  Sharon is a scaredy cat and she managed to not to be abducted by a ghost while shooting her picture.

Wanted to thank everyone who is voting and commenting.  This blog and contests are helping us become better photographers.  It's making us get out and take more pictures and get out of our comfort zone and take picture of things we normally wouldn't.  Shooting on manual has made us learn so much about our cameras and how they work.
Please feel free to pass the blog on to anyone you think may like it too!!!!

Upper middle class rental


Come in, we've been dying to haunt you


  1. #1 Looks like a photo a realtor would place, needs a For Sale out front.
    #2 This is the one, love it.
    #3 Blah.

  2. I like the second one because it looks old and beat down. I did not like the first one because it id not look old and beat down. I didn't like the third one because it was too close and I would have looked better if it was farther back. No offense!

  3. Number one was okay but I didn't like how it wasn't all grey and old timey looking.
    Number two is just right it had the right amount of color in it and looked all run down and just perfect for the theme for this week.
    Number three just didn't have more of the regular color in it and looked WAY to dark and grey.
    Congrats to whoever wins and good luck to you all!!!!!

  4. Number 1 It doesn't look all worn down. Number 3 looked too grey. I didn't like number 2 but it was the best of all three.

  5. Number one was ok but it didn't look that old. Number two was nice and fit the theme perfectly. Number 3 was old an had everything it needed but it didn't catch my eye.

  6. I liked #2 best because of the color and because the house looks like it's being reclaimed by the woods and looks truly abandoned. My daughter said she'd live in #1 because it looks quieter than her apartment. I would have liked to have seen more of the house in #3.

  7. I liked Ominous. Well done! OH if your selling your house give me a call this place was a shack, looked horrible!! I'll take the pic for realtor! )-:

  8. I chose #2 because it's just about perfect for this theme. #1 is too colorful to be seen as a run down house.... old houses normally don't have much color and I feel this kind of theme should be ominous which #1 isnt.
    #3 is just too close up. I'd like the see what the whole thing looks like.

  9. My comments are pretty much along the lines of most.
    #1, didnt look too dilapidated, just a little tlc and would look ok
    #2 fitted the bill to a T. Old, unloved, and looked like no one had bothered with it for many years. Made me think about who left if, and why?
    #3 nothing eye catching or interesting