Monday, May 26, 2014

Falling water

This was Sharon's choice...notice how this is as far away from fire as you can get?
I will get her to spin burning steel wool around her head someday!!

Is That Building Melting?

The way can be difficult



  1. WOW, #1 is really cool.....or is that weird? It certainly is interesting, but "no cigar".
    #2 Pretty, interesting, but what is that tube looking thing in the center?
    #3 OMG. This looks like a professional photo for a post card or advertisement for a park or something. Color, clarity, focus, a really beautiful pic.

  2. Picture one looks dark, would have liked more color. Picture two has a green stick in the middle, very distracting. Three looks really good because of the color.

  3. I like number one because of the building in the water. The second one had a big line in it and I didn't like it. The third one didn't look that good.

  4. Number one was okay I just didn't like how the reflection looked.
    Number two was not a good pic because of the pole in the middle it is just distracting from the whole picture.
    Number 3 was amazing because it had the detail I was looking for out of all of the pictures.

  5. Pic 1 was really good but wasn't as good as pic 3. Pic 2 is the one i would have picked if the the pole or stick wasn't in the way. Pic 3 was my favorite because it had detail.

  6. # 3 is awesome and looks like the cover of a book. #1 the building looks cool. # 2 the pole is distracting.

  7. I see, you have to climb the 50ft tree! So the way can be difficult!

  8. #1... Am i missing something? The building? Or just my marbles, I can't see it
    #2 Would have been a great pic without the ...whatever it is in the centre.
    #3 Great pic, captured the colours well and felt like a great place to go relax and let the world go by. Fantastic photo. One of my favorite so far while I have been voting.