Monday, June 2, 2014

Broken water balloon

This week we had fun playing with water balloons.  I would like to say "no balloons were harmed in the making of this post", but I think we may have caused a world wide shortage of balloons with the amount we used.  Its trickier than it looks to get a shot while the balloon is breaking.

 Moon Drop!

 The Blues


  1. Good Lord, I am such a critic. By the way, I always see my glass as "half empty". So here goes with Ms Perfects comments on the pics.....
    #1 So, so. Not particularly interesting.
    #2 Didn't like the stupid arrow. (kinda like that tree in the middle of Keiths waterfall)
    #3 Awesome, loved it. However, do have criticism on it also. I really don't like those two white things on both sides, I would have cropped that out of the photo, even if it meant losing a bit of the ball of water, Regardless, the color was great and the "ball of water" was fabulous.

  2. Great theme.
    #1.....not quite sure what to think or say about this one, jury still out.
    #2 Fantastic
    #3 think ths one would have more impact with less colours going on in it, but still a great shot.

  3. I like the first one just fine but I picked #3 because you were able to capture it while it was still a huge sphere. Only thing is that I wish the grass square wasn't in the back. It's kinda confusing. Or just have taken the white out. #2 is really cool with the arrow going through it! But it only let's me pick one picture lol when are you going to do the steel wool on fire???? Haha

  4. I think pic one was ok but, I didn't like the water droplet spray on the sides of the balloon. It didn't look right to me. Pic two was amazing because I liked how the arrow was still in the picture and how it made those holes on the side of the balloon. Pic 3 was alright but I didn't like how the background was.

  5. I liked the second one because of the arrow. I did not like the first one because it was blurry. I did not like the third one because it was too big.

  6. I liked 1 because it looks like a butterfly. 2 looked cool with the arrow [I liked it because I didn't shoot my dad with the arrow] Number 3 the background killed it, but the detail was awesome.

  7. I like number one because it looked like one of those cartoon flies and because of the background. Number 2 was okay I just didn't like the background. Number three was amazing because of how close it was and the detail in it but, between 1 and 3 I would choose 1.