Monday, June 23, 2014

Shadow results - Sydney's Reach for the Sun 56%

The guest poster this week was my 10 year old daughter Sydney.   She took her picture all by herself at Pedernales State Park in Texas. I thought it turned out awesome, I voted for her too. She is however, grounded for winning and is never allowed to be a guest poster again.
We had a total of 59 votes. We have never had that many votes before.  Thanks so much for spreading the word and for making Sydney feels so special!!

Sorry I am late updating the blog.  We were driving to Canada from Texas and just arrived last night.  two days and 28 hours stuck in a car with my huband, 4 kids and a dog. I wonder why I totally forgot when I was finally freed some that special kind of hell?

59 votes total
Sharon's Virginia Creeping on the Fence 3 votes
Keith's Night Time Darkness 20 votes
Kim's Shadow puppets 3 votes
Sydney's Reach for the Sun 33 votes

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