Monday, June 9, 2014


Been a really busy couple of weeks for me with all the school activities and end of the school year. I was a loser and was busy having fun.  I ran out of time to take my picture for this week. Sharon and Keith took pity on me and we decided this week would be any random picture that we choose, no theme at all. Hope you enjoy our choices this week and sorry its a little late!!! We will resume with our normal themes next week. 

Hey handsome


Good Night


  1. The detail and color in pic 1 amaze me. It seems that getting that crisp a shot using a telephoto lens would be hard.

  2. # 1 is exceptionally well-focused and clear, nice pic.
    # 3 pretty trees, but no cigar.
    # 2 is a very nice job, clear, well-staged and interesting with the bits of shadows. You got my vote!

  3. G'day eh! The clarity of the Lizard is fantastic! I'm impressed!
    Who would of thought that would be a great pic, by looking at what you had. I have to give you A WOW for imagination!
    I had no notice for my pic so ran out in my yard, & took a pic of my tree. If your a tree hugger it's pretty good! I give it a Big Wup

  4. 1 was really clear and cool with detail,2 was boring to me and 3 was nice but not exciting.1 got my vote.

  5. Number one was just amazing and crystal clear you could see every bit of detail too. Number 2 was also amazing it was also crystal clear and you could also see every bit of detail in the photo. And the same for number 3 but I chose number one though.

  6. Number 1 looked awesome because of the bubble on its neck. The second one looked blah and colorless, but I liked the bird houses . The third I liked the sunshine in the trees.

  7. Pic one had amazing detail in the lizard's face. Pic 2 was blah, but I liked the colors. Pic 3 showed the trees perfectly, but didn't really call my name.

    I had to rewrite this because the site deleted it without publishing it!!!

  8. I loved reading the kids comments!! However I think I voted for 3!